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The IFH Oil Storage Systems

Oil Storage Systems & Dispensing System

Oil Storage System from The IFH Group

55-gallon drums were okay in their day, but now there is a better way to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants and industrial fluids that's easier, safer, cleaner and more cost-efficient

Eliminate drum storage forever with the Oil Storage Systems. It's the more cost- efficient way to handle oils, lubricants and other fluids. There are 21 standard oil storage systems available to meet your requirements » View pricing for IFH Oil Storage Systems.

The IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing System is designed to store, transfer and dispense lubricants. The IFH Oil Storage System is the more cost- efficient way to handle oils, lubricants and other fluids. The IFH oil storage system frees up floor space, is modular and expandable, full regulatory compliance, no wasted product, sight gauges for constant inventory control, total spill containment and gives you a cleaner and more efficient product transfer.

Customize your IFH oil storage systems with stainless steel or polyethylene containers, filtration, air breathers, color coded containers and the fire safety compliance kit.

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Oil Storage Systems  Optional Equipment

Add the gravity flow lube station to your IFH Oil Storage System

Gravity Flow Lube Staion – The GFLS combined with the IFH Oil Storage System and one or more Portable Oil Storage Carts will facilitate the handling of any lubricant or fluid that is commonly transferred from a centralized storage location to a tank or reservoir. In the picture, the maintenance man is utilizing the GFLS to fill the container on a Portable Oil Storage Cart. The Gravity Flow Lube Stations are available in 4, 6 and 8 hose configurations.

Oli Storage Systems Mobil Fluid Handling CartsIFH Portable Oil Storage Carts
Take the weight of oils, oil cans, filters and tools off the backs of your maintenance operators and put it on wheels! We offer more than 100 standard models of portable oil storage carts to make life easier for your maintenance operators...and you! Oil storage containers hold 15, 30, 65 gallons or more. Choose from electric, air or hand pumps. Oil storage handling carts have a rugged construction – built to last, high load bearing casters, tight turning radius – very maneuverable and has enough storage for oil cans, rags, grease guns, wrenches etc.
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The IFH Oil Storage Systems Features and Benefits
  • Offers clean, efficient product transfer
  • Spill containment fits right into the system
  • No wasted product with this system
  • Store product next to the work area
  • The Oil Storage System is under full regulatory compliance
  • The system is modular, expandable
  • No drum cleaning, tipping, switching or replacing
  • Sight gauges for constant inventory control
  • The Oil Storage System takes up much less floor space
  • Custom systems for special requirements
IFH Portable Oil Storage Carts
  • Containers hold 15, 30, 60 gallons or more!
  • Eliminate multiple trips to the same lube site - handle more with a single trip
  • Options include filtering and metering devices, hose reels, oil can storage trays and more
  • No spills - each cart base is one big drip pan!
  • Every cart has its own pump (hand, electric or air operated)
  • Rugged construction, high load bearing wheels, built to last
  • Tight turning radius ­ very maneuverable
  • Storage space for oil cans, rags, grease guns, wrenches, etc.