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Machine Safe Guarding

Fixed and Adjustable Barrier Guarding

Panelbar Barriers, Inc.
The world's most complete and flexible line of Fixed and Adjustable Barrier Guarding for power presses and similar machines.  New Products - Mounting brackets and supplementary guarding for safety light curtains, area guarding, bandsaw guarding, etc.  Hard machine guarding is their forte.

Since 1969, Panelbar Barriers, Inc. has been the only company devoted exclusively to designing and building power press "machine guards", as opposed to "safety devices".

All this experience has resulted in having a large store of machine guarding components, machine guarding designs, and machine guarding methods for solving the many problems of machine guarding.

Standard barrier guards range from tiny box barriers to great counterbalanced machine guards for huge transfer presses. Modular construction enables them to build special machine guards economically. In a sense, all Panelbar machine guards are special in that they are built to "specs" from a measurement sheet.

The modular machine guard system enables customers to build their own from a kit of purchased parts which are reusable when machine guards are modified or obsolete.

top↑It is all a coherent system which extends into area guarding where Krinklepanel is a great asset.

Pullout Holdout devices

Woodbury Devices, Inc. manufactures Pullout Holdout devices
When a press operator's hands have to be dangerously close to an open die area, only a pullout/holdout device of this nature, that is properly applied, adjusted and maintained, can physically restrain a press operator from entering the die. (OSHA Standard 1910.217 (c)(3))

A pullout/holdout device mounted on a power press or press brake is mechanically connected to the machine slide.  The downward motion of the slide is multiplied, modified and transmitted to pullout/holdout wristlets worn by the press operator.  When adjusted so that the pullout/holdout cables retract in the first part of the press stroke and dwell for the remainder of the stroke, it functions as a pullout device. (OSHA Standard 1910.211 (d)(15)) 

When adjusted so the pullout/holdout cables are held in a retracted position for the entire press stroke, it functions as a holdout device. (OSHA Standard 1910.211 (d)(14)) The pullout/holdout device exerts no "pull" on hands that are in a safe position, and a worker has freedom of motion.

Every time a different press operator takes over control of a press or the die is changed, the pullout cables must be adjusted under an established procedure to ensure that they are safe for the press operator and the job being run.  The pullout/holdout device should never be adjusted to allow the press operator's hands in the point of operation as the dies top↑close.


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